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Exploring Fuvahmulah.

Learn about Rasdhoo, an Island in Maldives which is perfect to stay for a week

Rasdhoo is one of the islands in Maldives and it is located in the Rasdhoo Atoll.

In my opinion Rasdhoo Island is perfect for those travellers that would like to stay in Maldives for a week in a calm island, and still be able to do several activities.

In this article you will know about the island, how to get there, where to stay and learn about the several activities that you can do there.

How to get to Rasdhoo from Male city?

Rasdhoo can be reached from Male (the capital of the Maldives) by:

Speed Boat: US$35 – 1 hour

For speedboats you may contact your accommodation to arrange the speedboat for you or ask them to give you the company’s number.

Ferry: US$4 – 3 hours

The ferry route is the 303 (Aa. Thoddoo – Male City), and it departs from Male on Mondays and Thursdays at 9am, and leaves Rasdhoo on Wednesdays and Sundays at 11am.

Check it out the updated schedule and cost here.

Seaplane: US$280 – 15 minutes

P.s: Prices for reference only.

Rasdhoo Bikini Beach in Maldives
Rasdhoo – Maldives
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

Rasdhoo Beach

Rasdhoo beach is beautiful and great for snorkeling and kayaking, but not as much for swimming though due to the corals.

Maldives Culture

Please bear in mind that as we are talking about a Muslim country we shall respect their culture and be fully dressed on the way to the beach even though it is close to the hotel.

Bikinis are allowed only in the Bikini Beach of any local island.

Find out everything you need to know about this paradise called Maldives.

What to do in Rasdhoo

There are so many things to do in Rasdhoo that you can easily stay for a week.

From there you can visit a sandbank, some nearby islands, enjoy a day use at a resort, scuba dive in several dive spots, and much more!

Here is a list of what you can do and all of these tours can be organised

1) Kayaking

You can borrow equipment for free =)

Elaine Villatoro Kayaking in Rasdhoo - Maldives
Kayaking in Rasdhoo

2) Snorkeling

Borrowing snorkeling equipments is also free

Woman Snorkeling in Rasdhoo Island - The Maldives
Snorkeling in Rasdhoo

3) Snorkeling with Turtles

4) Manta Watching

I took the pic below while snorkeling with this baby manta ray.

Manta Ray in Rasdhoo - Maldives
Manta Ray in Rasdhoo – Maldives
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

5) Sunset Dolphin Trip

I didn’t take this trip but was lucky enough to snorkel with the manta ray and dolphins at the same time.

6) Night Fishing with BBQ

7) Sandbank

The sandbank is a great place to chill and take some pics. Also, if you are able to stay until it gets dark you can see the crabs coming out of there holes.

Elaine Villatoro at a Sandbank in Rasdhoo - Maldives
Elaine Villatoro at a Sandbank in Rasdhoo – Maldives
Photo by: Firaag Ahmed
Crabs coming out of their holes in Maldives
Crab attack
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

8) Sandbank BBQ

In my first day  the islanders organised a Sandbank BBQ.

We saw the sunset on the way which was beautiful, we had amazing food, and I had one of the best moments of my trip when the moon was reflecting on the ocean and I could still see some bioluminescent planktons.

This was such a great way to connect the guests and staff!

Fisherman during sunset in Rasdhoo - Maldives
Fisherman during sunset in Rasdhoo – Maldives
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

9) Island & Picnic

10) Day Trip to Ukulhas

A cute and very clean island with friend people.

Ukulhas Bikini Beach in Maldives
Ukulhas Bikini Beach in Maldives
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

11) Day Trip to Thoddoo

I loved this day trip as I could see the Thoddoo farms. Did you know that 75% of the watermelon in Maldives come from this island?

The beach was also one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in Maldives.

Watermelon Farmer in Thoddoo in Maldives
Watermelon Farmer in Thoddoo in Maldives
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

12) Day Trip to Ellaidhoo

An affordable option to visit a resort while in Maldives is to do what they call “Day Use”. You pay a fixed rate, you can use their pool and facilities, usually it is all inclusive (lunch at the buffet & drinks).

Ellaidhoo Resort - Day Trip with Shallow Lagoon
Elaine at Ellaidhoo Resort – Day Trip from Rasdhoo
Photo by: Mahey Mahuttey

13) Scuba Dive

Another thing you can do is to scuba dive in Rasdhoo.

I did 3 dives with Dive Club Maldives, where you can get 10% discount for being a Live More, Travel More reader.

One dive was at Rasdhoo Channel site, and two dives at the Hammerhead Shark Point, which even though I didn’t see hammerheads, it was my favorite.

Where to stay in Rasdhoo?

here are amazing places starting from small inn’s to boutique hotels on the island,

If you are looking for amazing memories, these Islanders will help you for sure!

Every hotel or guest house on the island is 5 to 8 minutes walk to the beach or the arrival jetty of the island,


The manager Firaag and all the staff made me feel so welcomed! As a solo traveler I felt like adopted by them haha.

They greeted me right when arrived at the shore. They were always making sure everything was ok and that I was having the time of my life, which I surely had!

A highlight: I mentioned to the staff during my stay that I would like to dress up like a Maldivian. Soon they got me a Maldivian dress, and brought two amazing Maldivian ladies to dress me up.

On top of that they also set a traditional meal where I ate with my hands just like they culturally do.

How cool is that?!

Elaine dressed up as Maldivian
Elaine dressed up as Maldivian
Photo by: Firaag Ahmed


The room and bathroom were spacious, the bed was giant and comfy, the air conditioning was lifesaving and would leave the room cold in a minute.

Room at Shallow Lagoon Guest House in Rasdhoo - Maldives
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro


Their menu was nice and had fair prices, the food was tasty, fresh and they served big portions.

External Area

Their external area was super cute, they have a swing, sandy floor, it is where they serve the food, there is a bar and they also host some cultural shows which is a plus.

Reception at Shallow Lagoon Guest House in Rasdhoo - Maldives
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

As you probably noticed, I made the most of my stay there =D

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